Below are listed ways you could be impressive on a formal meeting and make the most of the opportunity.

Suit up and look fly

You could go for a special suit for your meetings but remember to not do it over the top. This is a definite game changer and will definitely get you noticed for sure. Your outfit says a lot about you and your personality. You could spice it up a notch by living out the tie and blazer. However, you could combine the suit with surf inspired t-shirt, unbutton the coat, and ensure that it looks neat. This look is casual yet it’s set to earn you a few glances from your boss. It’s always better when you are creative; it’ll definitely separate you from the rest of the crowd.

Accessorize it

It might sound strange but trust me if you have the right accessories your outfit will look awesome. You may want to add watches as it makes a big impression, this could also be good a conversation starter. You don’t want to come off as a phony. If you are getting accessories ensure it’s the authentic, nothing too flashy. You could ask your stylist for classic examples of good jewelry that can be appealing. When you are shopping for accessories and jewelry you need to be very careful and very selective.


Shirts are business-casual must-haves. Some offices also allow polo-shirts in summer, but only go there when the heat is otherwise unbearable Otherwise, stick to dress shirts. Start off your wardrobe with shirts in traditional colors like white and light blue, but also consider alternatives like light pink, mint green or lavender which ever color suits you. Also remember to tuck your shirt in. An untucked shirt has no business being in a business-casual outfit.


If you are up for a meeting jeans are a big no-go. So on your bottom half you want to wear either dress pants or chinos. Make sure your pants fit well and don’t crease too much around the ankles. Go for a no-break to half-break. And again, start off with more conservative colors like navy, grey or camel. If you do wear more colored pants, make sure they’re appropriately muted.

Choose the right fragrance

The way you smell says a lot about your personality type and wearing the right fragrance is a great choice to make the impression last. I would recommend you to try out the Wild stone Grey Perfume a clean elegant masculine fragrance designed to complement the sophisticated, modern man of today. The rich aromatic notes of rosemary and neroli combined with the sophistication of tonka beans and white woods to create the perfect accompaniment for the suited look.The perfect final touch when heading out to work. Wild Stone Perfumes are designed by top international perfumers and specially formulated to last really long in Indian conditions.

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