Traveling is fun but sometimes it’s a task to choose what to wear and which outfits to carry on the run.You need to keep in mind your outfit should be equally stylish and comfortable. You do not need to go over the top when you pack your luggage keep it simple so that you can make a witty yet good impact.Adding more layers or keeping it all summery depends solely on the destination you are travelling to Keep in mind you might want to stick to one color pallet; this will help you plan out your travel day to day outfits in order. Colors like black, blues and white are colors which blend with everything also its the safest option. You can work with these colors with any climate across various locations. You might want to avoid complex prints and textured designs which require a certain color pattern to work with.

Favorite Travel Jacket:

Whenever you travel always remember to carry at least one jacket along. Weather you have to catch a bus, a train or flight be it early morning or late at night a jacket is a must and might just come to your rescue. You could pack your favorite denim jacket too; light, torn off look or solid whatever suits you it completely complements both style and comfort.

Favorite Travel T shirts/Shirts:

Select shirts or t-shirts which have breathable fabric, there cannot be anything worse than wearing a tight and not breathable fabric. You can also try out wearing breathable yet stylish mesh outfits which are in trend these days; other options could be relaxed fit or buttoned shirts or t shirts.

Favorite breathable trousers:

 For travelling always go for comfort over look. You can either go for your favorite pair of joggers, chinos or jeans. Generally people think jeans aren’t comfortable while travelling   well that isn’t true unless

 of course yours are way too tight; avoid skinny or slim fitted jeans when you travel and you are sorted.

Travel shoes:

Now if you are going for hiking or some adventure sport, go for shoes with better grip. Carry your favorite pair of shoes go for solid colors so that it blends and complements any outfit

Travel Back- pack:

Make sure your travel back pack is small enough to carry around but big and spacious enough to carry all your essentials


Keep your accessories as minimal as possible carry only what you need like; a pair of sunglasses is a must when you are travelling also important accessories like bandanas, watch etc. are what you’d want to add to your travel accessories


Carry your favorite fragrance along while you travel, pocket perfumes by wild stone are amazing as they just fit in anywhere and gives you a long lasting freshness where ever you go.

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