Top Styles to go for this Valentine’s Day

Is there a way to impress a woman? Red roses, chocolates, or a piece of expensive jewelry are the best items to win their hearts. Romantic dinners or holiday trips, too, can win her admiration. Even your witty line and intelligent talks can do the magic. But all these efforts become meaningless if you don’t present yourself well. You don’t need to copy a celebrity’s style to impress her, just pick the right outfit and wear top perfumes for men to make a lasting impression on your date this Valentine’s Day 2021.

Not everyone is blessed with a charming personality, but one can surely work on their looks to get noticed. So, here are some styling tips to ace your Valentine’s Day look.

Blue denim and cool white shirt

Well, this is one combination that can make any girl fall in love with you. It is smart, classy and a very comfortable outfit to wear when going out on a date. Put on a jacket or coat to make the whole look work for an evening date. However, what can truly make you look attractive is a layer of Wild Stone Red Deodorant. Its Fruity Ambery fragrance will upgrade your classic style for a romantic evening.

Pair Funky chinos with your favourite shirt

If you want to look super cool on V-day, then go for Chinos. This outfit is just the perfect pick if you are planning for a fun and adventurous day with your girlfriend. You can pair it up with your favourite printed or check shirt. Jazz up your funky look by wearing the Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deodorant that keeps you fresh and fragrant for the entire day.

Formal Attire for Formal Date

Well if you are going for a formal or a dinner date, then the best idea is to wear formal pants and shirt. Plus, you can complete the whole look with a well-tailored suit. If it is cold outside, then you can opt to go for turtlenecks. Trust us, men in formals look great and quite impressive. Layer up with the aromatic Fougere fragrance of Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume to charm your lady love.

Stunning Monochrome Look

Monochromes can also make you look great on Valentine’s Day. A hint of Wild Stone Forest Spice perfume can make your total black look classy. Put on plum-colored or a red coat to accentuate your look. Plus, a spray of Wild Stone men’s perfume is enough to leave an everlasting impression on her.

Blazers and Bombers to enhance your style

If you are planning to sport a casual look on V-Day, make sure it is crisp and versatile. Wearing blazers with a striped shirt or a bomber on a t-shirt will make you look great. This is a perfect look to go for if you are going out for a movie date. Spritz some Wild Stone deodorant if you want her to take notice of you more than the movie.

Here’s a secret! Women are very observant by nature and they don’t miss out on any detail. So when you are taking someone out this Valentine’s Day, make sure to look stylish and well-groomed. This way your partner feels special and it also increases the chances to end your date on a romantic note. If she hasn’t said ‘Yes’ to you, we bet Wild Stone men’s perfume will do the magic.

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