Top Hacks To Make Your Winter Perfume Last Longer

The winter isn’t coming; it has already come! For those of you who got the Game of Thrones reference, we see you! With the advent of winters, comes the problem of perfumes not lasting longer. We know that winters are harsh on our skin and hence we switch to intense moisturizing lotions as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees. The same winter also has a bad side in evaporating the body moisture and lack of moisture means that your perfume has nothing to hold on to the skin and hence, most of us suffer from the problem of perfume not lasting longer.

Worry not, as we are here with the top hacks on how to make that fragrance last longer in winters. Read on to know more.

1. Choose the right perfume– Whether you are buying winter perfume for him or you are looking for a perfume for men, make sure that you choose the right category. Go for stronger fragrance categories like Eau De Parfum and the original Parfum categories that have 15-20% and 20-30% perfume concentration respectively. These intense fragrances have strong base notes that last all day. Some of the best wild stone men deodorants that you can choose from are – Wild Stone Night Rider, with a warm sensual scent and Wild Stone Forest Spice, with exotic notes of spice, smoke and wood.

2. Apply your perfume the right way– If you are one of those people, who apply perfume on your wrists and rub them together, please stop doing it. Rubbing the wrists after applying your perfume hampers with the notes and the resulting friction causes the perfume to evaporate faster. A solution to this? After applying the perfume to your pulse points, let it sink into your skin naturally. The pulse points include wrists, elbows, neck, and chest – the areas where blood vessels are closer to your skin. Moreover, don’t forget to spritz your clothes as you might be wrapped in layers in colder temperatures and while your pulse points might be out of reach, the perfume on clothes still lingers and does the job!

Some of the best winter perfume for men includes Wild Stone Sense Perfume which has a woody aromatic fragrance with a burst of lemony and spicy fruit notes and Wild Stone Legend which has spicy notes of Cardamom, complemented by the depth of woody notes of Cedarwood.

3. Use petroleum jelly– As it is clear, the perfumes need an oily, damp base to stick to your skin, applying petroleum jelly on your pulse points, helps the perfume last longer during winters.

Well, this is it! What are you waiting for? Try these winter hacks to get that long-lasting lingering fragrance with Wild Stone perfume for men and get ready to swoon several hearts this season! Be the center of attraction with these Wild Stone perfume for men.



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