Top 7 Blind Buy Fragrances for Men

A good perfume is powerful enough to enhance your styling and it forms an important part of men’s grooming regimen. If you wear a good perfume it will uplift your mood, boost your confidence, and leave a lasting impression on people around you. Since it is so complimentary to your basic styling need, it is now almost essential to have a perfume or deodorant in your grooming essentials.

Usually, the golden rule to buy a perfume is to test it on the wrist, smell it and then decide if it is right for you, but due to the current situation most of us are avoiding going to the market and hence we have to go with “sure shot “winner fragrances, to select our next purchase, we call it “depending on the blind buy of the perfume”.

So, if you are wondering what a “blind buy” is, it’s simply buying a fragrance untested on self or buying a new fragrance online.

It is almost like a gamble, but if you research well, do your homework, read reviews and fragrance notes then you might hit the jackpot and you have some additional benefits like-

  • Large number of options
  • Rare perfumes that are not easily available.
  • Possibility of price comparison, and better prices
  • Comfort of buying at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

So if you are looking for some best blind buy perfumes then simply trust Wild Stone fragrances. Here are a few suggestions;

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume

If you are one of those who live a very busy life, packed with a lot of formal occasions and are looking for long-lasting fragrances that have intense warm sensual fragrance notes, then Wild Stone Ultra Sensual is just the right pick. The aromatic fougere fragrance, which has a citrus top note and warm woody base note, will keep you afresh all day long. Wear it to your office or a party and enjoy the admiration from the people. It is one of the bestseller fragrances from Wild Stone.

Wild stone Red Deodorant

Ideal for both power packed business meetings as well as high energetic party occasions. This Wild Stone Red deodorant is just created for those men who know how to confidently step in and step up, under any circumstance, whether it’s work or its party nights. The fruity ambery fragrance of the perfume boosts your confidence and gives you the calm assurance to rule every occasion.

Wild Stone Hydra Energy Perfume

If you enjoy staying outdoors most of your time or indulging in some adventurous activities, then this perfume is perfectly carved out for you. Wear this perfume when going to the gym or a casual day out with your friends. The citrusy aquatic fragrance will make you smell fresh all day long.

Wild Stone Code Titanium

Those who are a fan of aromatic woody fragrances can pick this Wild Stone Body perfume. This body perfume just amps your daily wear and keeps you ready for the outdoors in the sun. You can also wear it in your casual outings and create magic with your style.

Wild Stone Code Steel

If you are looking at a productive day at work your search for a perfect fragrance ends here. Wear Code Steel has a blend of fresh citrus orange with the base of amber and patchouli to keep you relaxed and calm in the office.

Wild Stone Code Chrome

A secret element that can help you win the admiration of the crowd is your captivating fragrance. And this Wild Stone Code body perfume will not disappoint you. Its aromatic fougere which has top citrusy notes and a musky base will just make a perfect fragrance for those intimate date nights.

Wild Stone Intense Black No Gas Body Perfume

Keep your energy high and your charisma alive with a whiff of this Wild Stone Intense body perfume. Its top lemony notes and warm, woody base notes just make it a perfect deodorant to wear to all formal occasions be it a board meeting or a party. You can blindly put your bet on this Wild Stone no gas deodorant when buying men’s fragrances online.

Buying a perfume without testing is a big risk but the list above will help drive away your hesitation. So, if you are looking for buying men’s fragrances online, then trust Wild Stone perfumes and deodorant and you will never get disappointed.



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