Tips to make your Home Work Out fun

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this fast-moving world to a standstill. The cinemas are gathering dust, shopping complex are vacant and it’s been an era since we could hug anyone from our will. The impact of this pandemic is massive; the imposed lockdown has altered our daily routine and forced us to resume our lives from inside our homes. 

But the only good thing that the current pandemic has given us is a good relationship with our bodies. Maintaining an exercise routine at home can seem more like a ‘should’ than a ‘want to’. The benefits of staying fit are no secret: exercise can help ease depression, stress, and anxiety, and aid in the management of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, respiratory health and diabetes. It’s important to know that physical and mental well-being are tremendously challenged right now, and maintaining some routine of physical fitness can go a long way toward helping both.

Forget the idea that working out at home is boring, or that you can’t get fit by exercising in your living room. We know plenty of you hate to exercise but want to find a way to like it. So, let’s infuse some energetic vibes in and around your workout routines. Whether you have five minutes or five hours to spare, there are lots of ways to make work out more exciting and fun. To help, here are some of our top suggestions to put fun into your workout routine.

1, Make the ultimate workout playlist- Make your workout more fun and interesting by creating your ultimate workout playlist. Load your workout playlist with upbeat energetic songs or have fun creating your own playlist, full of all your favourite tracks and blast that music to keep you pumped up and ready to tackle your fitness goals. Studies have shown that fast-paced music (140 to 160 beats per minute) is often best for boosting moods and energy in workouts. Now make your daily sweat session the part of your day you look forward to the most.

2. Create a home workout area- If you have space available, designate a specific area of your home to exercise and keep your equipment handy. Try using resistance bands, water bottles or heavy equipment to perform the different exercises. Don’t get stuck in the same exercise routine, trying different exercises is one of the best ways to make exercise fun, especially when you are exercising from home. You could start by doing push-ups against the wall then progress to doing them against the kitchen counter and the floor. Have stairs in your home? Stair climbing is an efficient strength training activity, practice meditation or yoga. Those who felt like their workouts contained the most variety were more likely to also enjoy their workouts.

3. Treat Yourself to New Workout Clothes- If exercising in PJ’s doesn’t quite get you motivated to exercise, then this one’s for you. Wear shoes, put on your workout pants, wear any light-weighted t-shirt and don’t forget to wear Wild stone Hydra energy deodorant to set your vibes, its fresh aromatic notes uplift your spirit and boost you with instant energy. Treat yourself to a few fresh fitness outfits, you deserve it! Sometimes a clothing refresh is all you need to stay motivated to show up and work out each day.

4. Consistency is key- In the initial day’s people often start working out with lots of enthusiasm and spirit and work out continuously for 1-2 weeks and then start skipping days, feeling unmotivated and finally lose interest. But remember great things achieve with consistency, don’t forget your goal of fitness. Don’t lose hope, set your motivation, celebrate the small win, eat healthy, create your workout plan, track your workouts, do shorter workouts, commit consistency. Practice these tips to feel stronger more energized, balanced, confident every day.

5. Wear wild stone best men fragrances- Workouts often lead out to lots of sweat and we don’t want you to get distracted by your body odour, choose to wear wild stone best men’s fragrances and get all-day defence against sweat and body odour during your most gruelling workouts. Wild stone hydra energy deodorant sets your vibes and keeps you refreshed and most energetic during your workout session. Also, choose to wear Wild stone Trance no gas energetic men’s fragrance while working out to feel like working out in the gym.

Get ready to kick your home workout routine into high gear. Follow these tips and get ready to start on a health goal you set out for yourself but haven’t quite had the time or the motivation. Now is the time! Push yourself, change your view on working out from home, and get moving with a healthy and fit body.

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