Tips to Maintain Hygiene during the Lockdown

India is going through the most difficult time in the pandemic right now. The current situation in India seems like a nightmare, destroyed thousands of lives and livelihoods. The second wave of Covid-19 has forced governments of State and centre to imposed strict restrictions as a precautionary step. We are restricted to remain self-isolated at home ensuring safety and precautions.

Following adequate lockdown guidelines, health measures & practicing social distancing appears to be the only way to be safe and fight together. Since we all are locked in our houses, we need to take all possible precautions to cut down the exposure to the virus & stay home.

But do you think is it enough? Are we safe inside our homes? If you are also wondering the same, you are not alone. The virus can enter your house in many ways. This is why; you need to be a little extra cautious while even at home and keep yourself and your family safe by keeping your surroundings clean. Maintaining home hygiene has become very essential these days. Cleanliness and personal hygiene need to be maintained and encouraged in people around you. Be it your room, kitchen, bathroom, or the dirty corners of your house, you must ensure that personal and home hygiene is being maintained at its best.

We have listed some of our very best tips and tricks to maintain a properly clean home and everyday hygiene in your lives. Following these useful tips, we guarantee you the days would become less stressful and safer by staying indoors.

  1. Keep yourself clean– Yes, we know you’ve heard all this a million times already. It’s worth repeating. Maintaining personal hygiene is the very first thing that can be effective against coronavirus. It is therefore recommended you wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 30 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer like Knox when required. Also, take a bath regularly and keep changing clothes daily. A shower every day not only keep you hygienic but also refreshes, energizes, cleanses the skin, it is also most importantly reduces stress and depression, making it the best way to kick start a difficult day. For an amazing bathing experience, we recommend you to use Wild stone ultra-sensual soap; this premium deodorant soap revitalizes, freshens and deodorizes your skin and keeps you clean, fresh and energized all day long.

2. Invest in a good hand sanitizer – We often tend to touch our face or nose unknowingly throughout the day. As Covid-19 is known to spread through physical contact as well as through respiratory droplets, it becomes extremely important that we clean our hands regularly. If you are somehow not able to wash your hand then using a good hand sanitizer like Knox Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers is the next best tool. It’s a reliable formula with more than 70% alcohol content that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. Additionally, its rich nourishing non-sticky formula leaves the hand feeling soft, clean and fresh, thus making it a very good option for trusty hand sanitizers for all times. The best way to maximize its benefits is to apply it thoroughly all over your hands while making sure to not miss the area between your fingers, thumbs, the base of your hand and every other exposed hand area.

3.Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces- Germs and viruses are quickly transferrable, so that whenever you step outside for groceries, medicine or any essentials, you may be carrying the viruses and germs with you, thus it is very essentials to disinfect everything, including doorknobs, furniture and any item that you frequently touch. One of the best ways to disinfect all surfaces is to use a surface disinfectant spray like Knox Germ Kill Spray; it instantly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in 10 seconds. To use it properly hold it upright, bring it close to exposed surfaces like the switches, door handles, television remote, fridge door, toys, mobile phones, keys, chair, table, etc. and spray ensuring proper coverage of every surface. Knox’s unique spray formula can be used on both hard & soft surfaces to sanitize your home surfaces well, leaving them fresh & smelling great.

4. Maintain Kitchen Hygiene- It is extremely essential to keep your kitchen cleaned and well sanitized at all times. Follow a daily disinfecting routine for kitchen walls sink, taps, door handles, stoves, etc. also taking care to re- sanitize after the departure of any outside guests who may have visited you. Take care to Wash all the food items and wet groceries under running water and use an effective disinfectant like Knox germ kill spray on all the grocery items. Knox instantly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses to ensure complete protection, leaving everything sanitized and pleasant smelling.

Some of the key disinfect practices to follow daily are:

  • Clean and sanitize your kitchen regularly
  • Avoid touching cooked food with your unsanitized hands as your hands might transfer virus and germs to the food
  • Use a fresh dishcloth and kitchen towel every day, and wash out the used ones
  • Empty the dustbin every day and spray it with the Knox germ kill spray
  • Wash the sink strainers, cutting, chopping boards and knives.
  • Also disinfect the countertop, stoves, kitchen sink, cabinet pulls, electronic kitchen appliances and switches every day

5.Frequently Wash Towels, Kitchen Napkins, Bedsheets – Softer use items like bedsheets, towels, or reusable kitchen napkins should be sanitized and changed regularly. Items like bed sheets and pillow covers should be changed weekly, similarly with table clothes and other surface cover items. Also, take precautions while washing them, we advise you to not shake the bedsheet and blanket vigorously before washing, as it spreads germs and dust across the room. Keep washing hand towels, kitchen napkins frequently at the end of each use. Following these early cleaning practices will ensure proper sanitization, protection against viruses and also helps you keep your house clean and protected.


6.Practice social distancing and wear a mask at home- To break the chain of transmission, esteemed doctors and specialists are now recommending wearing a mask even at home. Wear double shield masks and practice social distancing whether you are at home, or going out for fresh air or grocery shopping. Covid-19 spreads primarily from person to person through respiratory droplets, which travel in the air when someone coughs, sneezes, talks, shouts or sings, it is easily transferable. By blocking a significant amount of respiratory secretions, your mask protects others, and their masks protect you. Thus masks should still be worn even at home, in addition, stay at least 6 feet apart from a Covid patient in your home or outside people, it will reduce the risk of family members getting infected and keep you safe and healthy at home.

7. Maintain good health- We know in this difficult situation, it’s not easy to maintain good mental and physical health with exercise and a balanced diet, but keeping your immune system strong and staying healthy protects you against viruses and other threats. Thus it is essential to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and a good diet that includes- a balanced diet, lots of fruits and fibers, adequate rest, daily exercises, meditation, staying hydrated, supplements and immunity-boosting foods. Following this routine would keep you stronger, healthier, energized and make you feel happy and positive about life.

Developing these habits is a good long-term strategy for keeping yourself safe and healthy. The best way to win this fight against Covid is to commit to practicing social distancing, wearing masks, limiting outside travel and taking good care of your body, immunity and health. Stay sanitized and stay safe.


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