Isn’t mornings always a task, where you have to be on time and manage everything in a rush? For many professionals, morning time management is a task being fed, dressed and reaching your work place on time. Here are few quick tips on how to step out of the house early:

1. Make a list of next day’s tasks

Once you have your tasks in front of you, you’re already ahead with the day’s plan and you need not stress so much about it. When you are going to sleep, you should have everything mapped out in your mind on how would you be managing everything throughout your entire day.

2. Keep your bags ready

You don’t need to wait for morning to gather all your belongings and rush at the last minute, keep your bags organized. Pack everything you need for the day and keep it ready a night before, it saves a lot of time.

3. Prepare your lunch

You can save a lot of time by preparing your lunch or breakfast in advance. It just might not seem like it’s very important but prepping your lunch is an achievement. You can do so by using smarter ways to prepare the same, and a quick, healthy and filling salad could be a wonderful option.

4. Set up your coffee machine in advance

Fill the coffee machine with water and coffee in advance so all you need to do is just wake up and switch it on and you have your morning cup of coffee ready for you.

5. Wake up on time

Try and put an alarm 15 minutes in advance so you don’t have trouble waking up and in case you do tend to hit snooze, you still have 15 minutes to wake up.

6. Play some music

Everyone is aware music gives you energy and a pumped up start to your day. Put on an energized favorite track, and also keep in mind that music helps you keep track of time. So just when you wake up, put on some music and you are good to go.

7. Have a fast nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make sure you do not miss breakfast. Food like Greek yogurt, corn flakes, granola, fruits, and eggs are quick and easy to prepare and it is also less time consuming. The best part is you can also just take it along on the run while you commute.

8. Set a strict time before you head out of the house

Instead of aiming for the time you have to leave you might want to set a strict time say about 15 minutes ahead. So even if you are running late you still have enough time to catch up; it’s like tricking yourself to believe you are running late, as this might help keep you on toes.

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