This International Men’s Day – Celebrate Your True Self

On this day we take time to appreciate the positive contribution of men. But we at Wild Stone have decided to do this a little differently this time. Every now and then we discuss the struggles of mental health but rarely do we listen to men opening up about their emotions and sharing their feelings. This time we decided to talk about how some struggles affect the mental health of men and how we can break free from the “Macho Man” persona. 

1. Unrealistic societal expectations

A man is expected to be the breadwinner. Even though the tides have been shifting lately it is predominantly a masculine trend to be the breadwinner no matter what circumstances you were born in. These extreme conditions tend to put a lot of stress on the men.

2. Societal image of men 

Men have a certain type of image they have to uphold in this society otherwise they are considered weak or not fit. Anything related to taking care of yourself is immediately considered to be feminine. Basically suggesting men are supposed to live like savages and any form of self-care is frowned upon. That is why we want to spread a narrative that it is okay to take time and appreciate yourself and to take care of yourself, that we do not need to keep up the Macho persona always. 

3. Mental Health

It is almost upsetting how much mental health is side-lined by the men of this country. Again, anything that entails sharing feelings and letting your guard down is immediately assumed as feminine which is not only an insult to the men but obviously to women too. To a certain extent, it is understandable why it is that men are treated this way because in historical times men were treated as warriors, not given a comfortable space for them to be able to show compassion. 

But times have changed; we need not go to war on any given day and fight for our lives on a daily basis anymore. The times have changed but the mindset has not. So this International Men’s Day, let’s redefine what it means to be a MAN – A man who understands and acknowledges his feelings and finds it comfortable to be able to share his thoughts.

Wrapping up

This year, try something different, try going out alone to spend time with your own thoughts and take care of yourself and who better to turn to when it comes to self-care other than Wild Stone and would like to ask you to take some time out and treat yourself this Men’s day. 

Start off by shaving your beard with our Wild Stone Hydra Energy shaving cream and moisturize it down by using Ultra-Sensual After Shave Lotion, fetch yourself a nice hot bath and wash yourself with our Forest Spice Soap to get a blast of refreshing freshness and to top it all off use Wild Stone Edge Perfume to attain the perfect relaxing smell and just enjoy the day. Keep being positive and keep contributing to society as a responsible man.

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