This Friendship Day: Thank your Super Squad with Wild Stone

There are friends and then there are super squads who have your back and have the best moments doing crazy stuff together. From sharing your clothes to internal jokes, from making fun of each other to playing cricket together, you have done all these things with your crazy friends. Such friends are hard to come by and if you have found one, so why not celebrate them by getting them a really cool gift?

Wait a minute, were you going to buy your friend the same old “Best friend in the world’ mug? Hey, he’s your bro! Ain’t he? So let’s line up something special which suits their personality! This friendship day, Wild Stone is making it possible for you to gift awesome best fit fragrances for your squad, whether he is a style guru, a travel buddy, or a party pal; we got you covered with Wild Stone Gift Pack. If you are wondering how? Well, read on!

1. The Naagin Dance Buddy – From impromptu naagin dance to singing old Hindi songs, your party mate is the lifeline of every party. His energetic vibe and enthusiasm to try crazy stuff never let you sit back in peace; this is the friend who knows the best ways to have fun. Gift your party munda, the trendy, energetic and fruit ambery fragrance of Wild Stone Red. The ultimate Party fragrance he will surely love.

2. The Khatro Ke Khiladi Friend – Thank your Adventure junkie friend for all his ”Haan Chal” to every random trips that you plan at a drop of a hat and zero budget with the Wild Stone Forest Spice gift pack. Its woody earthy aroma with strong masculine fragrance awakes strong adventurous spirits, the best way to celebrate the spirit of travel! After all, you have to do more memorable trips together.

3. The Love Guru Friend – From their valuable dating tips to giving you breakup support, they have always been an awesome mediator to bring you and your partner closer than ever, gift your Love Guru the Wild Stone Ultra-Sensual gift pack, because no one knows “love” better.

4. The Main Hoon Na Friend – If you are looking for a cool and classy gift just like your cool dude, whose ‘Main hoon na yaar’ is enough to make things cool and sorted then the Wild stone Hydra Energy gift pack is your perfect pick. Its citrusy aquatic fragrance is as calm and fresh as your cool friend, who always holds the squad together and never loses his calm. 

5. The Style Bhai Friend – If your bro is someone who looks effortlessly cool and stylish even when he walks down in slippers, then gift him the best gift of classy confidence with Wild Stone Edge. Its rich woody notes mixed with the crisp aromatic scent are as elegant and fresh as your stylish bhai, which never fails to inspire you from its trendy look. 

6. The Sukh Dhukh Ka Saathi – Whether you need a coffee break at work, had work queries or ranting about work pressure, we know you always look for your Sukh dhukh ka saathi your ‘office buddy’. So, Why not you surprise him with the Wild stone friendship day gift pack. Gift your “Insta- solution” buddy in the office, the fresh unbeatable confidence of Wild Stone Code Steel, and thank him for all your support throughout your tough times. 

7. The Munna Bhai Friend: There are friends and then there are your bhai’s, who are always your go-to friend. No matter how sketchy the situation is, they always come for your rescue. Give your Munna Bhai ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi’ by gifting the citrus fougere fragrance of Wild Stone Legend, its strong powerful fragrance suits their legendary persona. It is the ultimate fragrance for legends like them. 

This friendship day, let’s celebrate the Jai to your Veeru by gifting your squad the Wild Stone perfect gift pack collection. We hope you find the best friendship day gift pack for all kinds of friends on your list. Trust us, nothing feels better than a perfect classy perfume as a gift for a friend.

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