The Right Way To Use Your Soap Bar

Your favorite soap and a refreshing shower- don’t they make a perfect team! We men sweat, get dirty and even stink. So soap is a must! Soap is a classic grooming tool that not just eliminates all that dirt and grime but also invigorates your senses with its amazing fragrance. But do you know there are some dos and don’ts of using a soap bar that you must keep in mind. Read on to find out.

Pick the right soap

While there are many men’s soap bars available in the market. It is important to pick one from a reliable brand like Wild Stone. Wild Stone soaps for men is one of the best soaps for men in India. It glides through your body and comes with great moisture retention. You can easily buy Wild Stone Soaps for men online and ensure you never run out of this grooming essential.

Keep it clean.

Preferably own your personal soap, don’t share it with anyone else.  Keep it dry and use a soap dish that drains water. If your soap stays moist for long, germs can possibly live on it.

No matter whichever soap you are using, follow these few simple tips to keep your soap bar free from germs and bacteria.

  • First lathering, then washing – Before you start washing up your skin, wet the soap and lather it up for a few seconds to get rid of the germs formed on the wet outer surface.
  • Apply soap directly – Avoid using soap on your washcloth or loofah. Instead, apply soap directly on your body and avoid sharing it with others. In case you you want to use a loofah then make sure it is a dry one.
  • Give your soap time to dry – Allow your soap to dry between uses. The more your soap dries, the less are the chances of bacteria to live on it. Use metal or non-porous soap holder with large holes, that drains the water. Also, you can keep two soap bars, so that you can use them alternatively while showering. This also extends the lifespan of your soap.

Dos & Don’ts

  1. Avoid using your soap for your face. Use a good face wash like Wild Stone facewash for men instead.
  2. Take your time while showering. Unless you are hard pressed on time , there’s no hurry to rush. You should rather ensure you are clean head to toe
  3. Use a fresh towel

Use a fresh towel to stay clean and dry post your shower. Avoid using a damp towel for hygiene purposes. Also avoid sharing your towel with others.

Why choose Wild Stone Soap for men?

Wild Stone Soaps for men are known for their moisture retention. Its exotic fragrance helps you stay charged for your day. You can readily buy Wild Stone Soap for men online to ensure you get your daily dose of freshness. Wild Stone soaps for men refresh you and delight your senses.

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