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Simple Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

You are never completely ready without a perfume. There are numerous perfumes for men in India but you should not only choose a good men’s perfume, but also know how to wear it right. By the way, do you know with some hacks you can actually make your perfumes last longer?

Know the notes

While choosing the best men’s perfume, you need to understand different notes of a fragrance – top note, heart note and base note. These notes form the essence of your perfume. Based on the notes, you can choose the fragrance that best works for you. A fragrance opens with top notes, unfolding the middle and base notes. Base notes last the longest among the three.

Apply on the “Pulse Points”

Perfume when sprayed on the “pulse points” lasts long. The blood vessels are closest to the skin in these areas and radiate heat. The pulse points in your body like the inner wrists, neck, behind ear lobes, are the right places to spray fragrance as your perfume reacts with your body heat and lasts long.

Moisturize your skin before applying a perfume

For a long-lasting fragrance, apply perfume on a moisturized skin. Make sure you apply scentless lotion to your skin. The oily and damp skin locks the fragrance for a longer period. Similarly, you can apply petroleum jelly on the pulse points before spraying the perfume to ensure it lasts long. The fragrance would linger on the petroleum jelly and you won’t need to open your bottle of perfume again. 

Apply Post Shower

Grooming experts suggest applying perfume just after shower to ensure you get best results. So spray your favourite fragrance after your skin is clean and freshly washed. It helps the perfume to stay longer.

Just spray, don’t rub

After applying perfume on the wrist, neck or back of ear lobes, many of us have the habit of unconsciously rubbing perfume on the skin. You should avoid this as the friction heats up your skin and damages the strength of your fragrance. Top as well as the middle notes of your perfume are likely to fade and evaporate as you rub your wrists after you’ve applied the perfume there. You can make the best use of perfume only if you let it settle down on your skin.

Store your fragrance in a cool dark place

If you want your fragrance to last long, make sure to keep your perfume in a cool dark place. Avoid keeping it in warm, damp places as heat and light can destroy the molecular structure of your perfume and weaken the fragrance. So, instead of keeping them in your bathroom cabinet or in direct sunlight, keep them stored safely in some box in your bedroom.

Now that you know these simple hacks, apply your favourite men’s perfumes on your skin directly and let it rest to last long. When it comes to choosing a good perfume always pick one from the Wild Stone range of fragrances. Remember, no matter how well you dress up, a good perfume is a must to amp up your game.

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