Bet you were not prepared for it! Nobody was. The Covid-19 scare has shaken up the world and the government has imposed a 21 days lockdown in the country urging people to stay at homes, which is undeniably a very necessary measure to fight the coronavirus. Now many of you must be feeling bored even by very idea of staying at home. But bros, it isn’t all that bad. Let’s look at the brighter side of staying at home and prioritizing things we weren’t able to do before- like self care.

Now you have the time to start working on yourself for a healthier, happier and a more dapper you.

So, here comes the self care regime we have charted out for you. Have a look!

Sleep it out

Probably you are very stressed out about this unprecedented situation but worrying about it day and night won’t help anyone. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is make up for all the lost sleep. Give rest to your body and mind, so that your brain functions better. This, in fact, is your big chance to fix your body clock.

Wash Your Face

By now you have surely taken the ‘wash your hands’ sermon seriously. Take another sermon from us, wash your face at least twice a day. Even if you are staying indoors, keeping your skin clean is an absolute must. Use the Wildstone Edge Face Wash for men that will help you get smooth and healthy skin. After all, you will need to step out in a month and look as handsome as ever.

Sit up Straight

It’s a lockdown and not a holiday. Working from home is a reality for most. Make sure your workstation at home helps you keep a good posture. If you are lying on your bed or a couch with your laptop propped on your tummy, we suggest that you take your work to the dining table.

Good Old Reading

When was the last time you read a good book? Not an article online but properly read a book. Can’t remember? Good. Do it now. Start reading a book today!

Reach Out to Family

If you are stuck in a different city and your family is somewhere else, this is the perfect time to make up for all the calls that you missed because of work. Talk to them  and not just check on them to know if they are okay, speak to them like you used to before your busy life happened. Remember, catching up with people you care helps you heal from inside and brings smiles on your face.

Stay hydrated!

Drink water! Inculcate this good habit by remembering to drink a lot of water and keeping your system healthy.

Groom Yourself Right

How about trying out a new hair style at home? Just stand in front of the mirror and practise new hairstyles. Once you get that precision, getting ready in the rush hours won’t be tough.

Work Out at Home

Just because you can’t go to the gym does not mean you can’t work out at home. You must create a work out routine for yourself.

Friendship Matters

Call up old friends. Friends whom you have been meaning to call for ages, but never could get the time. Surprise them with a phone call.

Take a Break

While working from home remember to take 10 minutes break every 2 hours and walk around the house to relax your muscles. Actually, do this even when you resume going to the office.

Find Your Calling

Indulge in your hobbies. Pick up that guitar lying in the corner of the room or the sketch book that has been gathering dust. Trust us, it will only up your happiness quotient.

Love of Your Life

Your mental health depends upon your emotional well-being and spending time with your partner is the key to that. Find out activities that interest you both and spend some fine quality time with your lover, but at home. If both of you stay apart, try video calling and dress up for your virtual date.

Upskill Now

Learn a new life skill that you didn’t have. It can be cooking, baking, sewing – anything. You never know what will come in handy tomorrow!

Share the Fun

Help your friends and peers stay away from boredom, while being at home. Create a list of your favourite movies and share it with them.

The Treat You Deserve

Find out the recipe of your favourite food (ideally a less complicated recipe) and treat yourself to good food. You deserve it!

Help All You Can

Donate to a cause or even the government relief funds for fighting this pandemic. Thousands of healthcare workers, essential service providers and others shall benefit if we all donate a little. Helping others will only bring a sense of joy to you.

House Makeover

Now that you have been at home this long, you definitely understand the importance of being a homemaker. Use your new found time to deck up your home in whatever way possible. Hang a little artwork or rearrange the furniture, a new set up shall definitely give you positive vibes.

Friend of Earth

Start practising  eco- friendly ways of living. This will surely bring you more mental peace and do you a lot of good healthwise.

Prepare for the Future

Imagine the time when all of this will be over. Create a to-do list for your next days when things

start going back to normal.

Develop a good habit

This is just the right time to develop a good habit. Wake up early, stay hygienic, stop wasting food- the list is endless.

A Promise Worth Keeping

Promise yourself to maintain these habits because at the end of the day if all these things helped you to in time of social isolation, imagine how much happiness and healthiness they will bring you in your regular life.

Self Care is all about staying fit mentally and physically. It requires a lot of ingredients like happiness, emotional well being and a stress-free lifestyle. Stay home, stay safe and stay happy. Follow us for more content like this and keep the spirits up!

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