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Pump Up Your Swag This V-Day

All that mush is fine, but how about trying your swag this time? This Valentine’s Day up your game and move over that mushy romance. Rock your swag and let your charm do the talking. Sweep her off her feet with a style statement; she would fall in love with. And here’s how to do it!

Flaunt who you are– Swag is all about being the best of you. Discover who you are. What do you love? What are you good at?  Do you have any special interests? If yes, then it is time to bring it out and let your crush know all about it. Finding there’s more to you than just your looks, might win brownie points for you.

Pick the right fragrance– It is not just important to smell good, but also important to pick the right fragrance that matches the occasion and your persona. A Wild Stone gift set might just be a great idea to help you prep up for the Valentine’s season. The exquisite packs offer unique combos that you would love to indulge in. Also, don’t forget a great fragrance is a great confidence booster.

Put your best foot forward- Apart from smelling good, it is also important to look good too. Go for an outfit that suits your persona and complements your style. Also, your clothes should match the occasion. So take a step back, think what your style is and then subtly channel it with the right choice of clothes.

 Be a gentleman– Always remember, it is important to be a gentleman. Be courteous and respectful towards her. Be honest to yourself and true to her.After all, the real swag is all about being good at heart.

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