The No-Deo-Stain Guide

There is nothing worse than getting a cakey, white deo stain on your black t-shirt, isn’t it? Using a deodorant the wrong way can stick to your t-shirts over time and build up a crusty stain that’s difficult to remove.

Here’s a no-fuss guide to ensure no-deo stains:

  • Apply when dry – Mixing water and deodorant is likely to leave a stain. Ensure that your underarms are dry before you apply a deodorant. Preferably after a shower. Just dry yourself thoroughly before applying a deodorant for a long lasting fragrance.
  • Mind the distance – The way you hold the deo-can also matters. Spray evenly and hold it atleast 15 cms away from your body.
  • The clean up – If you get the stain at all, use a damp cloth and swipe the stain away until they’re gone.

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