Whoever proficient with the art of shaving would obviously understand that the quality of shaving process and outcome is interrelated with the shaving hardware, equipment and techniques used, also it completely depends on the individuals’ preference of look and his need.

The shaving blade type:

Most of the razors work just fine however you should consider safety and sharpness as priority. However the razor performance can vary in the gap between the razor blades and might want to have a closer analysis of the same.

For example small gaps contribute to clogging of the materials used also may be less effective in cutting through the beard hair level. There is multiple comb types available to choose from like close comb type, open comb type, hybrid comb and slant.  The most preferable is the open comb contributes to smoother shaving experience even through thick longer beard.

The shaving brushes:

Wild stone present ultra-fine and durable bristles for an even smooth shaving cream spread and ultra-shaving experience. The brush ensures a noticeable shave with each stroke.

The shaving cream:

Your shaving cream determines the thickness of lather generated and how smooth your shaving experience is going to be like:

Ultra-Sensual Shaving Cream

Wild Stone brings you shaving cream with an ultra-masculine fragrance.  The shaving cream gives a rich lather that softens the toughest beard and delivers a real close shave with every stroke

Hydra energy Shaving cream

Wild stone brings you shaving cream which softens the toughest of beards, generates a rich lather and delivers a real close shave. The irresistible fragrance is definite to get you noticed in no time.

Edge Shave Foam

Those of you who do not enjoy shaving cream but prefer shaving foam we have something for you as well, the Edge Shave Foam Edge Shaving foam which leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh, blessed with cedar wood oil for miniaturization and produces thick foam, it contains antipyretic and analgesic agents to relief itches and burns, with blend of essential oil and steric acid and gives a great pre and post shaving experience

Hydrate your skin with Ultra Sensual after Shave Lotion

Shaving might leave your skin feeling dry and dull you can hydrate your skin with Ultra sensual after shave lotion. Get perfectly soothed skin with an irresistible fragrance after every shave. It is specially formulated with an irresistible fragrance. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.

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