When the clouds come to play and the monsoon roars up it’s that time of the year. In India the monsoon runs from mid of June to September and it is caused by the different temperature trends over land and water, in India the monsoon is attracted by the low pressure caused by the heat of Thar dessert and areas nearby so during monsoon the direction of wind is reversed. The gain in altitude of clouds results in drop in temperature and then starts the rain. For farmers monsoon is a very important season as it determines their work and supports their livelihood. Although the season brings in floods and other inconveniences in cities; often due to the under developed drainage systems yet it known to have a charm of its own. Here are ways how you could make the most of monsoon season:

1. Monsoon is perfect for a long drive

If you live in a city and want to get away for a while take your time off and head out for a long drive may be alone or in the company of your loved once. This is however considered to be the best time for some lovely romantic date. Go out for a long drive, get drenched and hog across the fresh street food while the monsoon clouds are pouring. This season does wonder if you know how to make the most of it.

2. Go out for a football game

Monsoon season calls for football, the rainy season cannot be complete without football. Even if you think you are not young enough to go out in the rain and play like a kid monsoon should inspire to bring out the inner child in you, everyone should at least experience the feeling of playing on the ground and in the rain.

3. Plan on a holiday

We know as insane as it may sound yet just know that monsoon is a season off for tourist so no matter where you plan to go you are definitely getting a place which is less likely to be crowded and what’s better for a getaway than a chilled out spot with no disturbance at all, think about it. Go ahead and enjoy the ever enchanting beauty of monsoon.

4. Perfect time for a hot beverage

Monsoon sets in a perfect mood for a hot cup of coffee, tea or even better,  a warm cup of hot chocolate with marsh mellow; nature is at its best in the monsoon season and it  just gets better with time; when the sun sets in it’s the best time to catch up with old friends

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