How To Get Noticed At An Office Party

How to get noticed at an office party

All work and no play makes Kunal a dull boy, isn’t it? But getting noticed at an office party isn’t a tough task for our Kunal though. You may wonder if it’s his magnetic personality, his swanky new hairstyle or the effect of his Wild Stone perfume perhaps; well, let us tell you about the ‘Kunal’ guide of getting noticed:    

  • Grooming – Be prepared for the party by spending some time grooming yourself. Shower/shave/use a deodorant and brush or floss your teeth.
  • Dress To Impress – Unless your office party has a dress code, you can probably wear smart casual. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Formal jeans paired with a decent t-shirt would do. And it will be okay to leave your tie and blazer at home. And while you’re dressing to impress, don’t forget to wear an appropriate evening fragrance that balances the party mood.
  • Body Language – Your confidence is the first thing people will notice. Make a good impression through a positive body language. Walk straight and smile when you greet people. Keep a relaxed posture and mostly importantly, always make eye contact when you’re interacting. You’re more likely to be approached when you make eye contact than when you are looking away from others.
  • Get Social – Office parties are the best place to network and build your rapport with co-workers. If you really want to get noticed by people, then greet and talk to people and keep things casual. Talking about work at an office party can be a huge bummer so keep your conversation light and upbeat.
  • Eat, Drink but keep things balanced – When you’re at an office party and you have access to booze, less is more. Know your limits and stick to one or two drinks even if your boss says otherwise.
  • Sense of Humour – People with a sense of humour are generally easy to interact with. So show off your sense of humour with those witty remarks and jokes to lighten the mood.

Office parties are a great way to socialise and have fun with people with whom you spend majority of your day with. So take this opportunity to get to know co-workers better and shed stress away. Just keep in mind to remain polite and at your best behaviour and match a fragrance that complements your personality.

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