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How to Date From Home? 10 Tips That Might Come In Handy

Social distancing might be the need of the hour but why should your romantic endeavors take a back seat in this age of virtual dating? Make the most of social distancing through social media and make this lockdown worthwhile.

Ever since the lockdown started, virtual dating apps have reportedly gotten busier with more conversations happening. So here are a bunch of tips for you to survive this period and revive your romance, or perhaps start a new one.

  1. Dig the DP on Social Media /Dating App

That is your first goal. The potential date should dig your DP. So spend some time on finding out your best shots or take a few nice selfies. You are at home, anyway!

  1. Balanced Intro

Too much modesty like ‘I am not good at dating and stuff…’ or over confidence like ‘I am the hottest dude to ever walk the planet’ both are absolute spoilers. Strike the right balance and write an intro that sounds confident and talks about your areas of interest.

  1. Presentation is the Key

It might be comfortable to just carry on your work from home set up for the video date session too,   but it is advisable that you be mindful about your appearance. Get the light right or set up your laptop next to the window. First impressions are after all the last impressions.

  1. Active Listening

This tip, honestly, is relevant even for real life dates, but we tend to blabber more during virtual dates. Remember, the idea is to get to know each other so let the other person talk and be an active listener with witty replies and spontaneous comebacks.

  1. Look Good

Just because you are not meeting at a fancy restaurant does not mean you can go on a virtual date just like that. Try out a few nice hairstyles with Wild stone Edge Hair Gel before the video call and make sure to create lasting impressions.

  1. Shared Interest

If you are meeting the same person for quite a few times, it would be a great idea to find a shared interest. Maybe you can play an online game or sing a song for one another if music is your poison. People have fallen in love over PUBG, you know.

  1. Be Your Natural Self

Be it a virtual date or a real date, one should always stick to his elements. Be your natural self and let that personality work its magic. Don’t try to overdo anything because it will end up becoming too much of an act to sustain for long.

  1. Be Available

Nobody is asking you to text or call all day but even if you are not meeting over video calls, say hi once in a while. Ask them about what they are doing. Remember, you are anyway out of sight. Don’t go out of mind.

  1. Creep Me Not

An essential piece of advice – kindly don’t creep women out by words like ‘sweety’, ‘darling’, ‘sexy’,’baby’ etc. Refrain from using any of these prematurely. If you ever get to the point where she wants to be called by a special name, trust us, she mays give you massive hints.

  1. Sensitive All the Way

While wooing the opposite sex, it is advisable to remember your sensitive side. No one wants to talk about your car or your booze parties. It would be better if you find something more worthwhile to talk about like ideas, hobbies etc.

These are just a few guidelines but it is after all your personality that will create the magic. Trust your instincts and be on your best behavior, who knows maybe by the time the lockdown is over you may have an excellent romantic relationship to look forward to.

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