It isn’t new to us that summers bring in a lot of heat and sweat and it becomes a task to control body odor issues. However it is important to understand that body odor issues are very common for both men and women also it isn’t something you should be ashamed of, it as it is a natural phenomenon and there are a number of ways you can prevent and keep odor issues under control. We have got you sorted

The body has various sweat glands which are responsible for producing sweat like in our case it is the apocrine glands; it produces sweat when the body temperature rises or when you are in some kind of stress. Imagine going out and meeting people who are smartly dressed and look so classy but as soon you approach them and they have a serious body odor issue it would be such a disappointment. Now we know you don’t want to be that person.

 So how do you rectify this issue?

1. Keep track of what you eat

It is highly recommended to avoid strong smelling garlic and onion based food. You may be surprised to know but what you eat does have a lot to do with body odor.  You can always drink cooling drinks for summers; of course water is a must, remembers to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you include plenty of salads and fruits in your daily diet as greens and fruits will help your skin and internal system feel healthy and add a glow

2. Use deodorants

Make it a point to use a deodorant whenever you start your day. Checkout the deodorants from Wildstone range, it is blessed in perfect harmony with rich woody and musk notes, and there are various ranges of does perfect for each mood. It helps you energize your day and keeps you smelling fresh.

3. Wear lighter fabrics

One of the best ways you could avoid odor issues is by wearing clothes with lighter fabrics. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes which does not allow your skin to breathe, wear clothes which are airy and allows circulation of air which of course helps you keep cool.

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol tends to build body toxins which in turn affects the odor, hence try and avoid in drinking alcohol based drinks instead you could drink as much water as possible  during summers, as it helps you stay hydrated and keep your system healthy.

5. Exercise regularly

You should take up some activity or the other to help your system remain healthy, as exercising makes you sweat, engaging in regular exercises is known to help combat body odor in the long run. Exercising helps you sweat out toxins which is built in your system

6. Eliminate stress

 Stress tends to stimulate the apocrine glands which make you sweat, which means whenever you are nervous or anxious you produce a lot of sweat. So try and control your stress level by taking up meditation and breathing exercises which will help you normalize your stress levels to a great extent.

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