Hot, Lukewarm or Cold Shower: Which One To Choose & Why?

A warm shower on a chilly morning or an icy cold one post a sweltering summer outing? At times there’s nothing better than a refreshing shower. Depending on the temperature, many switch their preference to a cold, lukewarm or hot shower. However, besides temperature, there are other factors that you need to consider when you take your next shower. Whether you like your shower hot or cold, you need to rethink how the water running out of your shower nozzle can affect your body and health.

Do you like your shower cold?

From the ancient times people have been enjoying the benefits of bathing in cold water. The Greeks, even though they promoted heating systems in their public bathrooms, still continued to bath in cold water for health benefits. In the modern era, many opt for ‘hydrotherapy’ to cure injuries and sprains.

A cold shower has many benefits to its credit but it comes with cons too. So wait till you hear all the pros and cons. Also, no matter whichever shower you choose- hot, lukewarm or cold, don’t forget to opt for a shower gel or good soap that revitalizes and deodorizes your body. Wild Stone Forest Spice or Wild Stone Edge Shower Gel can add to your showering experience.

Health and wellness website lists down several benefits of cold water shower, few being:-

  1. a) Calming itchy skin: One of the benefits of cold shower is calming the itchiness in the skin. Healthline quotes Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, who says, “if you have itchy skin or skin conditions that cause you to itch, cold showers can help you overcome the sensation to scratch”.

  1. b) Helping you to wake up in the morning: As per the website cold shower leads to increase in oxygen intake, heart rate and alertness. This mainly happens because there’s a bit of shock when cold spray hits the body.
  2. c) Increasing the circulation: This is one of the key benefits of cold shower. As per the website, Cold shower causes the blood to circulate in the deeper tissues at a faster rate.

  1. d) Reducing muscle soreness post intense workouts– Cold shower are beneficial post intense work outs. Having regenerative properties, it helps the muscles to relax and repair.
  2. e) Stronger Immune System: According to the study in the journal PLOS, as cited in the Medical News Today Website, people taking cold shower are 29% less likely to call in sick for work or school. The researchers also studied the differences between those taking shower for “30, 60 and 90 seconds” and concluded that “cold water triggers the body’s immune system regardless of duration”.

Cons of Cold Shower

As per medical news today website, those with weaker immune system or serious heart conditions should exercise caution while taking cold shower as sudden changes in body temperature or heart rate may overwhelm the body. Also, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor in case of doubt and to get expert advice.

Do you like your shower hot?

Many prefer a hot shower.  In fact, in ancient times, hot water was a luxury and therefore, people preferred to stay near hot, warm baths. Many associate hot baths with a Turkish bath, where people could relax and bathe. After a long stressful day, there is nothing like a hot shower to rejuvenate body and soul. However, before even going for hot shower one needs to be careful of how hot is the water. Of course hot doesn’t refer to boiling hot that would burn your skin! Hot shower offers a lot of health benefits that you definitely need to know.

Benefits of hot showers


According to the hot shower helps in providing relief from respiratory symptoms and muscle relaxation.

Relief from cold and respiratory symptoms: As per the website the heat from the water and steam can help in opening airways and clearing nasal passages, thus providing relief from cold.

Cleans the skin:   Hot shower can open up the pores and clean out the trapped dirt and oil. We suggest you also use a good soap that can offer smoothness to your skin.


Good for muscle relaxation: Again referring to the, hot shower helps in releasing tensions in the body and helps in soothing muscle fatigue.

Improves sleep: According to Medical News Today, hot showers helps you to sleep well. This is mainly because it helps the body to relax and leads to fall in body temperature.

Cons of Hot shower

There can be a downside to hot showers as well. A few health and wellness sites suggest that they can dry out your skin and even increase blood pressure. So, those with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease are advised to avoid it. Also checking the temperature before the hot shower is a must.

Lukewarm Shower:

Another side to this shower debate is the preference for lukewarm shower. Balancing the downsides of both hot and cold shower, some experts suggest a lukewarm shower may save you from the potential risks of both hot and cold shower.

So, Hot or Cold: Which is better?

Whether you prefer a hot shower or cold shower, it is important to understand how your showering habit affects your health and body. Both showers have their own potential benefits. You can strike a balance and change your shower experience as per your health needs.

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