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Holi Hai! Play It Out With These Grooming Tips

 The festival of Holi is all about loads of fun, banter and excitement. But often harmful chemicals come between you and all the merriment, becoming the cause of your worries. How to protect your skin, eyes and hair from these chemicals, is a big question. But here’s what you can do to keep these concerns at bay.

Pre Holi Care: Before you uncork the fun, follow these steps to prevent any hassles later.

1. Oil Your Hair: Oil your hair to prevent any colors from sticking. Oil creates a protective layer that prevents chemicals from entering the roots and scalp. However do ensure the oil you pick, meets good quality standards and is chemical free.

2. Wear Sunglasses:  Wearing a pair of cool sunglasses isn’t a bad idea. The cool shades not only add swag to your look but also protect your eyes from harmful chemicals and UV rays. Choosing a pair with UV protection is advisable.

3. A Little Fragrance Never Harms!  :  You won’t like to stink amidst all the fun and banter. Would you?  So wear a fragrance of your choice that’s long lasting and smells good. Wild Stone offers an extensive range of exotic deodorants and perfumes that’ll up your grooming game.

Post Holi Care: Once Holi gets over, the arduous task of scrubbing off the colors begins. You must be really careful at this stage and should use only good products that’ll do the job.

a. The Cleansing Or Oiling Ritual: Before using a face wash, gently apply a mild cleanser or oil all over the face and hands. Use cotton to clean the colors before using a face wash or water.

b. Use A Hydrating Face Wash: The next step is to use a good face wash. Opt for a face wash that is effective and removes dirt from the pores. The Wild Stone face wash removes excess oil and keeps your skin hydrated. Additionally, it provides gentle exfoliation to offer a smooth fresh feel 

    c.Opt For A Shower Gel With Lasting Freshness: Finally, after you are done with the face, use a shower gel to clean off rest of the stains. The Wild Stone Edge shower gel is a good option to pick as it is suited for all skin types and leaves your skin soft and supple.

      Hope these tips come in handy. So don’t let the grooming worries keep you from having all the fun. Go, play it out this season and leave the rest to good grooming.



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