Happy Scent Year

This Year Go Places. But Wherever You Go, Take Wild Stone Along.

2020 has arrived and we bet you are all set to win the world. Losing weight, getting a raise, finding love, discovering happiness- we’re sure you plan to go places.

But wherever you go, there’s one thing you can’t risk leaving behind- your freshness. Your freshness is crucial to your success and here’s where and why you should be carrying it along.

Gym: Lose Weight. Not Freshness

So you promised to stay fit this year.  And you’ll reach your fitness goals, God Willing. However, do you know, your body sweat in the gym might be your tears of pride but the odour might not be a reason to rejoice for others.

To avoid this at all costs, you must keep your freshness handy. No wonder, a deo for gym is a must.  Pick your favorite Wild Stone Deo. Spray it at intervals during your long gym sessions. As for the perks, you get a  smile of confidence, that you’ll love to wear as your fitness worries wear off.

Office:  Be Noteworthy Not Cringe worthy

Happiness is climbing the ladder of success and we’re sure many are aiming at that big raise this year. However, success comes with hard work and we bet you aren’t planning to shy away from that. But as you prepare to give all your sweat and tears, ensure your sweat doesn’t cause those tears in the eyes of your co-workers, who might feel uncomfortable with your body odour. We suggest, you keep freshness handy at all times. Wild Stone Deos and Perfumes are your go to colleagues when it comes to grooming for men. Also, don’t forget, the right fragrance helps you to make a lasting impression. 

Date Night : Cast a spell. Not foul smell.

Getting that perfect ‘right swipe’ and ending up on an exciting date night, may be on your mind too. But do you know your scent can make that first and last impression? So before you go on that date, go for that right fragrance. Choose the best perfume that’ll set the perfect mood.

Hope these tips come in handy for you. Do remember, this year, carry freshness every where!

Happy Scent Year

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