There are few habits which few men follow which help them stand out from the rest.  These habits are all about taking a step further and being smart on grooming rituals. Read below to find out how

Make a haircut routine:

You must now be aware of how your hair growth works and how often you need to cut or trim your hair. Make sure you book your next appointment and try and stick to it. Sometimes men wait all the away until they have tugging locks which tends to make them look dull and boring, if you have noticed your hair needs a cut, you might as well just go for it. The task here is to be proactive.

Learn which hair products fit best for you:

There are a number of hair products for men in the market to choose from, learn which one works best for you and swear by it. Try the all new Edge hair gel and style your hair as you like it. The edge hair gel is known for superior humidity resistant wet styling. It is a non-sticky gel for long lasting hold and smooth texture, with Glycerin & panthenol (Vitamin B5 derivative) which adds shine, nourishes and detangles the hair

  • It contains wheat protein which helps to moisturize
  • It improves hair manageability, luster, and smoothness
  • It prevents hair from dryness and damage

Discover your fragrance

Discover fragrance which suits and describes you best, the all new Edge perfume is one growing popular with time it is known to get you noticed. It is blessed with notes of patchouli, amber mixed with cedar wood and tonka bean. With freshness which lasts for 12 hours and more. With antibacterial properties which resist perspiration. Best suited for Occasion: Casual/Party wear

Use a face wash

Use the new Edge face wash twice a day and keep your face looking fresh and hydrated as it helps remove impurities and leaves your face feeling hydrated:


  • Removes excess oil
  • Helps maintain natural moisture of the skin
  • With Rice and jojoba beads
  • Provides gentle exfoliation, smooth and fresh feel

Take care of dark circle

You need to take a little extra care of your skin around the eyes we all made our peace with moisturizing yet the stuff you use on your face is still too much for those patches under your eyes too, dark circles and puffiness reveal your heavy weekend and make you look under-slept and older than you are, you might want to avoid looking dull so take up a under eye skin care routine and stick to it.

Dress up according to the occasion and situation

You don’t have to dress expensive and know that only brands don’t define your fashion sense just dress smart according to the occasion and situation. Know that you cannot be all casual in a formal meeting and understand that you can’t always wear a suit to go on dates. Experiment with a number of styling option and make the most of it.

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