The Grooming Guide You Can Follow At Home

The web series deserves a break and you deserve a little bit of grooming advice. Just because you are staying indoors, does not mean you deny self care. In fact this is the best time to take care of yourself while staying home. And here’s the list that can come to your rescue.

Get the Clean Look

Please don’t use the lockdown as an excuse to not shave! Keep that clean shaven look even when you stay at home. Use Wild Stone after shave lotion for a perfect experience! 

Work it Out

Your body will tend to become lazy now but you can’t let that happen. Make a proper workout schedule and stick to it. Take a long bath after the workout and don’t forget to use a soap that refreshes your mind and body.  Wild Stone soaps can do just that. 

Summer Practices

Even if you are not stepping out, make sure that you keep your summer practices in practice. Use a Wild Stone deo to smell nice and lift up your mood, even at home. 

Home Manicure

Now that washing your hand has become your regular habit, make sure you are also grooming your hands too. Cut and file your nails regularly to maintain health and hygiene. 

Home Pedicure

Same applies for your feet as well. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water and mix some liquid soap which will cleanse your toes and soften your cuticles and nails. Cut and file your feet just like you did for your hands. 

Try the New   

Maybe you have never tried this before but you can try shaving your underarms. It’s not just something that only ladies do. It’s actually a pretty hygienic practice even for men. You can look at any well-known bodybuilder for inspiration.

Less is More

Remember to use a bit of Talcum powder! But also remember not to over do it. It’s a very big turn off. Start practicing at home so that you get it just right when all this is over. 

Give it an Ear

Please guys! Clean your ear hair. Clear your ear wax and your ear hair and if you think, you don’t have it, let us tell you – you do and we suggest you clean it. 

Being Nosey

Can be a good thing and by being nosey we mean that you are careful about your own nose. Trim your nasal hair every week or however fast it grows. Lockdown is no excuse!

Face Fact – 1

Make sure that in between all that work from home and binge watching movies, you find some time to wash your face. Wildstone Edge Facewash will give you a fresh feel and keep our face clean for hours. 

Face Fact – 2

Try out some homemade facials during this time. Your kitchen has all the necessary supplies. Look up the internet to find different homemade facial pack recipes. From besan (gram flour), to potato peel to curd- a number of things can do wonders to your skin. But don’t forget to keep in mind your skin type before picking them.

Face Fact – 3

With all the shaving and travelling men’s skin tend to become very hard and develop spots and marks. Always remember to moisturize your skin even when you are indoors.

Breath of Fresh Air

Even if it is social isolation don’t let your breath stink. If you don’t have access to mouth freshener get a cardamom from the kitchen and put it in your mouth for fresh breath. These are habits you should never let go. 

Private Things

Do not ignore the hygiene of your private parts. Wash and clean them regularly. Be a man, not a caveman!

No Snow flaking

Gentlemen, dandruff is a big no no! Make sure to wash your hair regularly and keep your scalp moisturized.

Ever Ready

Be it an office video conference or a romantic virtual date, look your best always. Style your hair with Wild stone Edge Hair Gel and never lose your charm. 

 Hairy Gary

Honestly, nobody likes a Hairy Gary! Gone are the days where the ultimate proof of your masculinity was your body full of wild growth of manly hair. Sorry boys! It needs to be trimmed, cleaned, shaved and maintained-. FOR ALL BODY PARTS. 

Unibrow Makeover

Get the lady in the house (sister/mother/partner/roommate) assist you in this if you please, but utilize this boon of a holiday wisely and lose that unibrow that puts iconic villains to shame. Let your eyes sparkle beneath a well maintained pair of eyebrows. 

Rest Your Eyes

Ge some rose water or Aloe Vera gel.  Apply it around your eyes and lie down with your eyes closed for at least 15 mins everyday. See visible reduction in your under eye marks in sometime.

Hang that PJ

Just because you are at home, don’t start wearing baggy t-shirts and pajamas/boxers with holes in them, Wear comfy but  good, well-fitted  clothes. It’s a habit guys, that will go a long way!

Food Matters

Eat healthy. Don’t mess up the timing. Don’t make staying at home an excuse for eating carbs and fats only. Keep your diet healthy to avoid falling ill and also to stay ready to step out. Nobody wants to see a pot belly!

Let this well-curated list be your guiding light and make sure that you stay at home and stay safe! We can win this by taking care of our health and mind and reading our blogs for regular updates! 


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