Grooming Tips for Men during Quarantine

Nowadays our lives have become all about self-isolation, caution and social distancing due to the second wave of the Covid- 19 pandemic. We can’t even leave our houses unless there is an emergency or we need groceries, forget walks for fresh air and our work meetings have turned to zoom conference calls and weekend parties to binging Netflix on the bed. The world seems to have turned upside down, with all of us looking to make sense of these difficult times. So would not be surprising for a usually well-groomed person to drop all manners of routines, including grooming.

Most of us have already let our grooming regimen slide, making us give in to laziness in avoiding taking care of our dry itchy skin, hair, not grooming our beard and definitely have stopped thinking about body odour altogether. This has lead to an increase in depression, sadness, feeling of “nothing is right” which can be easily addressed if we turn our focus back to better grooming, dressing up, indulging in self-care and we would immediately start noticing the positive energy in our lifestyle. 

So let’s take a break from stress, boredom, worry and let’s get in an extra dose of confidence by following a Wild stone best men’s grooming routine. It’s not just about looking good but also about feeling good. with the grooming tips we have laid out we guarantee the days would become extra special and extra productive without putting a single step away from home.

1.  A Long relaxing bath: Don’t use quarantine as an excuse to not take shower. Keep a neat and clean look even at home, a shower every day not only refreshes, energizes, cleanses the skin, it is also known to relax tensed muscles, increase blood circulation, reduces toxins, and most importantly reduces stress and depression, making it the best way to kick start a difficult day. To make the bathing experience more amazing use Wild stone Edge Shower Gel, it leaves the skin clean, soft, smooth and supple. Its active foam booster ingredients give a rich and dense lather that helps you enjoy the bathing experience even more, while the great fresh mesmerizing fragrance enlivens your day long after your shower.

2. Cleanse at least twice a day: While you may be stuck in your home, but washing your face is still an important step in your grooming regime. Cleansing your face morning and night, with warm water, not only removes deep-seated impurities but also removes dead skin cells, leaves you feeling fresh and energized. Invest in a gentle foaming skin cleanser like Wild stone Edge Face Wash, it gently exfoliates your skin, removes dirt, dust and oil also keep your skin protected, hydrated, smooth and fresh with every wash.


3. Shave or Trim: Whether you are a usually clean-shaven person or you sport a luxurious beard, letting your beard grow wild just adds to the feeling of casual, laziness, lack of control that our work from the home regime has left us with, hence take control and feel the lift of your spirits. While we recommend proper trimming of beard, for those whole are into the clean look, we recommend you to use Wild stone Ultra Sensual Shaving cream for a perfectly smooth shave. Crafted for a rich creamy lather, this shaving cream produces a kind of moisturising foam that makes it easier for you to shave softer and easier. This shaving cream protects the skin from razor burn, softens the toughest beard and delivers a real close shave with every stroke. 

4. Post-shave care: Now that you are home, time to develop better shaving habits, having a healthy post-shave routine is essential to your skin’s health, youth and overall safe, clean shave. As you shave the blade also shears off the skin’s topmost layer of cells along with all that stubble, making it sensitive, and susceptible to bacteria, clogged pores, and redness. So having the proper post-shave skin care regimen is just as important as what razor you’re using.  

We recommend using a hydration nourishing aftershave lotion-like Wild stone Ultra sensual After-shave lotion, a gentle moisturising and soothing aftershave, which soothes irritation and acts as an antiseptic to prevent breakouts and infections while nourishing the skin, and its minty fresh fragrance makes you smell great after each shave.

5. Moisturising is key: These times have shown us the need for feel-good factors in life, a time to pamper oneself, indulge in self-love, and one of the ways to do so is with a daily dose of luxurious moisturisation, making your skin healthy and happy. We recommend moisturising at least twice a day, not only this improves the texture, softness, smoothness of your skin, but it feels better hydrated and nourished. In the mornings preferably use a moisturiser with SPF, to keep you protected, whether you are in the backyard of your garden, balcony or your window exposed to the sun.


6. Spritz up a perfume every day:One of the best ways to stay happy, optimistic and productive is to wear a great perfume that makes you feel great about your day. It does not have to be for any special events, or important meetings or not getting compliments on date night, but for your own happiness. Wear perfume to uplift your mood, or refresh your day or set the mood and choose from the range of Wild stone best men’s fragrances that mesmerise your senses, uplifts your moodtake you back to your favourite holiday or exciting date, transforming your days into happier, productive memorable days. Wild stone perfume’s aromatic fragrances refresh your mood and boost your positivity and happiness instantly.

Follow these grooming tips for a happier uplifted positive way of living the difficult times and setting good habits making you more resilient in the tough times, as they say; tough times don’t last, tough people, do. Invest in your grooming essentials from the comfort of your home; try Wild stone ultra- sensual soap, Ultra-fine shaving brush, Ultra-sensual grooming pack collection or Wild stone Edge grooming kit to complete your grooming kit. Invest this isolation time in your self-care and see the change of a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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