From Scratch to Party – Get Diwali Ready with Wild Stone

When it comes to festivals, Diwali and Holi are the most prominent festivals in Hindu culture. Even the month before Diwali is filled with several other exceptional festive occasions. Women always have multitudes of options to enhance their festive looks. However, the possibilities tend to limit when it comes to their male counterparts. Therefore, this festive season we are here with a complete festive routine for our handsome hunks.

Before starting the tips, let’s categorize the tips. So that you can go over the routine in an organized manner.

Diwali Outfit Tips:

In Hindu culture, it is appreciated if everyone in the family wears something ethnic. Ethnic clothes always add a royal and rich look to the men’s style. 

  • You can either go with a complete traditional look. From your clothes to accessories to footwear, everything is traditional. There are lots of options for a complete ethnic look. Kurtas, Sherwani, Pathani suit, etc.
  • If you want to add your own thing to your outfit. In that case, there are several semi-formal ethnic wear options also available. 
  • Ethnic wear for men includes a wide variety of styles. Styles like – Sherwani, Sherwani with Dhoti, Kurta – Pyjama, Jodhpuri suits, Close neck suits, Pathani suits, etc.

Grooming Tips:

Your Diwali Outfit is ready – But it is not enough. You need a good grooming session as well to rock the festival in style. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Beard or no Beard – Do you sport a beard? If you do, then make sure your beard is trimmed correctly, oiled and set. Beard hair moving in all directions does not offer an attractive look. You can pick any kind of beard essentials and start grooming it a few days earlier only to get the best result at the festival. 
  • Bonus: – You can experiment with different styles on different occasions on the way to Diwali.
  • Same goes with your hairstyle. Messy looks cute, but it is not ideal for Diwali festive look. So, test the waters with different hairstyles before sticking to a permanent option. Remember, trends change with time. Don’t play with your hairstyle just to follow a trend. Choose something which matches your style, personality, occasion, and outfit.
  • Accessorize tastefully. Don’t overdo to impress. Make sure that you use only those accessories which go with your look. Usually, a brooch or a chain goes along with most of the ethnic wear for men. Pick accordingly and make the perfect style statement on occasion. 
  • Last but not the least is your fragrance. Grooming is not only about Hairstyles or Beards. It’s about everything – From cleaning to maintaining to getting ready. Once you have the outfit, your beard and hairstyle are set. Now, you need a perfect fragrance to combine the whole look. Wild Stone offers an exclusive range of perfumes and deodorants for every occasion. Fragrances like – Wild stone ultra-sensual perfume or Code steel body perfume can be the fragrance for you on this occasion. Try and choose!!

Gifting Tips:

  • Chocolates and sweets are the staple gifts for Diwali. However, they are more of a generic gift instead of a personal one.
  • Add personal touches to the gift. It shows that you value your relationship with others.
  • Nowadays, the internet is flooding with gift items that are personal, elegant and valuable.
  • The hamper is the perfect way of sharing your warm wishes and happiness on this Diwali. Gifts like Wild Stone Diwali Hamper are a kind of trend among men. From your Boss to your cousin, everyone enjoys the bold and musky whiff of perfection. 

Wrapping it up:

Get ready to rock the Diwali!! This festive season pay attention to every small detail and become the favourite of the crowd. From your festive look to adoring outfits to thoughtful gifts, you can charm anyone at the party. Paying extra attention to your grooming and outfit can earn you some major brownie points among the ladies as well.

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