Fragrances that Celebrate Every Super League Matches

Indian Premier League 2021 is back to entertain its cricket fans as all 8 teams battle for supremacy yet again. The frenzied crowd in the stands, shouting their favourite player’s name on every super hits of sixes or four, or else on the fall of an important wicket, this is certainly something that every cricket fan is going to miss this year again. Cheering your favourite team from the stands is fun but watching it LIVE on television is completely different. The action somehow seems missing. However, you can experience the same thrill and vibe while watching IPL matches. All you need to do is wear your favourite IPL T20 team apparel, get your popcorn and drinks, plus to make it more exciting spray the best men’s fragrance to set your mood and feel the vibe of every excitement, enthusiasm and jaw dropping twist and turns of matches.

Well, you cannot go wrong with the team apparel, but wearing the fragrance that sets you in the right mood can be complex. We are here to help you choose just the right Wild Stone men’s fragrances that are full of energy and aptly express the same energy of the match or the team.

Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deodorant

As the name suggests, this deodorant charges you up for the most electrifying innings between super Titans – Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Whether you are a Mumbai Indians fan or a CSK fan, wear this men’s deodorant and feel the energy of the match. This fragrance electrifies your senses with a kick of freshness with mandarin notes of orange and overwhelms you with its warm and woody notes of amber, musk and sandalwood. It is just the right men’s deodorant for the champions.  

Wild Stone Red Deodorant

When you think of this deodorant, two IPL teams that might come to your mind are the Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Well, as both the teams look best in their red jersey, this deodorant will fire your enthusiasm as you enjoy the battle between these two red teams, who are fighting for a maiden title too. As both teams – PBKS and RCB – slay each other with sixes, fours and catches so does this deodorant with its woody amber and zesty, fruity notes. Wear this deodorant to enjoy an exciting and energized twist to your classy look.

Wild Stone Edge Perfume

A tense match that keeps you on the edge would certainly be a game between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders. Delhi Capitals is a strong team like KKR and it fancies winning their maiden title. KKR on the other hand isn’t missing a chance to add to their twin titles. And to tone with such a match that is full of energy, Wild Stone Edge Perfume is just the ultimate fragrance. The woody marine fragrance gives an everlasting freshness that will uplift your mood and confidence.

Wild Stone Code Titanium Body Perfume

Whether you are a Rajasthan Royals fan or a Sunrisers Hyderabad fan, both these squads boast powerful and dynamic players. And when you are watching the clash between these two teams, wearing Code Titanium Body Perfume is just the perfect thing to do. This fragrance with its masculine aromatic woody fragrance gives freshness and energy consistently throughout the day.

Wild Stone Code Gold Body Perfume

There are 8 teams fighting for supremacy but only one will come out as a winner. To celebrate such winning matches you should wear this Wild Stone Code Gold men’s body perfume. Its rich aromatic masculine fragrance is a blend of strong earthy notes of Mint and Patchouli. Wear it and get the feel of match-winning parties.

So, though this year you are missing the matches from the stands, we are sure these Wild Stone fragrances are going to give you the game spirit high. Wear it and celebrate every innings of the match as one of the teams emerges out as an IPL champion.   

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