The Ultimate Guide To Find Your Signature Scent

Everyone has a signature scent; they can send you back to a nostalgic place and sometimes remind you of a lovely time or a beautiful company. Smelling that scent anywhere else can remind you of the person you originally smell that scent on. A scent that makes people think of you and has good memories to think about is what signature fragrance does wonders to you. One of the best ways to stay memorable is to have a signature fragrance; this is why it is necessary to find the signature scent that you can be associated with. 

Let us guide you through the journey of finding your signature scent:

1. Understanding your personality 

Every scent has features and notes that suit different personalities, hence, it is important to find the scent that is appropriate for you and that will suit your personality. Try to know what perfume tells about you. For example, a person who enjoys being out in nature and has an adventurous personality should try Wild Stone Intense Wood, traveling again will now have a fresh new feeling with Woods woody, citrus and amber notes and if you want a subtle fragrance as your office wear, try Intense Ocean with the freshness of Bergamot and with the confidence of cedarwood, it fills your day with lively fresh energy that lasts the whole day.

2. Understand the fragrance families

It is always good to have some knowledge of the fragrance families before going ahead to buy a perfume/deodorant. If you’re looking for a perfect scent that suits you and your personality it is better to understand the fragrance and its notes. For example, Oriental and Spicy fragrances tend to be heavier and warmer, while the fruity and citrus fragrances tend to be lighter and easy to wear. Woody fragrances being warmer and floral fragrances being lighter. 

3. Buy the fragrance for yourself and not to please others. 

Pleasing others with your fragrance as a motive to buy a perfume is a recipe for disaster. You want to wear something not because people like it but to find and establish your identity with the fragrance. Finding your signature scent is more complicated than that. Try to experience all layers – Give yourself time to enjoy from top note to base note, how it reacts to your skin’s oils and how you feel about it. For oiler skin, less perfume is used for the scent to be impactful and it lasts long. You need to be pleased with your scent because, in the end, you are going to be the one who’s going to go around wearing that scent. So, it is not a success if others like it and you do not.

4. Wear your fragrance every day. 

While it is nice to have variety, you need to commit yourself to wear your fragrance every day. Your fragrance needs to be such that you can wear it every day and still not grow tired of it. Also, it makes other people near you familiar with your scent. If you are looking for an everyday casual wear perfume, get Wild Stone best perfume for men i.eWild Stone Hydra Energy PerfumeIts crispy clean rejuvenating fragrance brightens your days and gives you an extra dose of freshness. It indulges your senses with the blend of citrusy lavender top and a base of wood and musk notes that make you feel refreshed and confident every day!

5. Keep trying different scents 

Keep trying new scents to stay in the search for your signature scent. You might meet a fragrance that you might stick to for a while but be sure that is the one that ultimately suits you. Do not be a sheep and follow fragrance trends just because your peers are doing so. Be your own man. Be a Wild Stone man. Try experimenting with 2-3 signature fragrances as perfume changes nature with temperature changes, have one for the different seasons too.

6. Change can be good 

Trying out a new scent can be a matter of doubt. Especially when you’ve had a loyal relationship with your current fragrance, it might be hard to switch things up. It’s always good to sample the products before purchasing them so you have an idea. Switching up your signature scent can be crucial at times when a person starts feeling that the current fragrance is getting bland and boring. If you are in the mood for experimenting with a new fragrance that is totally out there you should try Wild Stone Code Titanium, one of the most favourite fragrances choice, its uplifting woody marine fragrance refreshingly energized your senses and will quickly become your everyday essential.

Here’s our guide to finding your signature scent. It’s a process of trial and error but eventually, you will find your signature scent which will definitely end becoming your favourite scent. Hope this guide makes the process a bit easier.

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