Find the Best Perfume for Your Personality

Did you know that perfumes can perfectly capture the essence of the person who wears them? The idea of spritzing yourself is seen as a form of self-expression. One’s smell can reflect several important character traits. Some prefer perfumes that are light and airy whilst others go for fragrances that are vibrant and fun. On the other hand, the way some people smell exude luxury & class, you can easily tell that they mean business.

Are you curious now about finding out what perfume suits you? Here we help choose a signature perfume for men based on persona. Also, use this as advice to select the right perfume to gift and impress the recipient.

1. Clean, Calm & Happy – For those who are balanced and nature-loving, aquatic fragrances are for you. These scents are infused with a freshness that makes you want to be on the lookout and to indulge with nature, away from the urban jungles. If you are cool, calm & collected and remote Island with state-of-the-art libraries are your idea of the perfect holiday, then aquatic fragrance like Wild Stone Hydra energy is sure to suit your style.

2. Warm & ConfidentLove colours and experimenting with prints & hues? Are you bold and confident? Are you a warm person with an inviting nature? Since you tend to attract people who would willingly surround you, then woody scents like Wild Stone Edge is perfect for your personality.

3. Sophisticated & Classy – For the ones, who see themselves as sophisticated & classy; love a dash of earthy infusions in their perfumes. Wild Stone perfume Intense musky smells suit their personality. Musk fragrances can be so versatile and when mixed with other exotic flavours feel incredibly flattering. If you are sophisticated, chic and classy, you are bound to be drawn to a fragrance like Wildstone Legend, which is a fitting complement to your persona.

4.Bold, Powerful & ClassicIf you are someone who is dynamic, energetic with a powerful presence, then strong oriental exotic fragrances that scream masculinity are your scents. People of this persona believe in celebrating life boldly and bring classy assurance, to every task, no matter what e. If you have an alpha mindset with high sense of purpose, who believes in setting high expectations for yourself and zeal for achieving them, then the intense masculine fragrances of Wild Stone Night rider is your fragrance, a scent that so well defines you that you will fall in love with it.

5. Intense, Attractive & Sensual – Lovers of mystery, people who are intense and attractive usually wear an aromatic, woody masculine fragrance. They are often paired with warmer sweeter smells that make them sensually attractive with a hint of intensity and boldness. The wearers of such perfumes seem to be realists and lovers of truth. They may possess artistic inclinations too as they are leaders of style with an abundance of wit and charm. If you think you are the one who has this aura, do not look beyond Wild Stone’s Ultra sensual fragrance.

6. Adventure Lovers – Do you love the sun over your head and grass under your feet? Then you need a brisk spicy perfume like Wildstone Forest Spice or Wildstone Intense Wood. It helps you boost adrenaline and brings out your adventurous side. The spicy smell combines fun with strength & stability and is perfect to wear for a long day spent in the wilderness.

7. Cheerful, Lively, Happy & Optimistic – Fragrances emitted from citrus are what the cheerful, happy-go-lucky people opt for. These smells are known to create an optimistic, bouncy and energetic aura. If you are fun-loving & lively, love spending time with friends and boast of a fairly carefree nature, you will love donning perfumes like Wildstone Red and Code Copper.

Perfumes are an integral part of our lives and an integral part of defining who we are as people. In this rapidly evolving world, the fragrance we emit stands as a statement of character and what we bring to the table in society. We hope this helped you peep through a fragrant window of your soul.

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