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We are all aware that fitness is very important for our physical well-being but there are also many ways in which fitness influences and is also beneficial for our mental well-being.  Exercising is not only about increasing the aerobic capacity and your muscle size. Although it is said to obviously improve your physique, trim down your waist size but that shouldn’t be the only reason which motivates people to stay active. People who work out or are engaged in some sort of physical activity or the other; be it running, yoga or swimming; they tend to be more energetic throughout the day and sleep better at night, exercising is known to counter many mental illnesses and helps you be more relaxed and calm.

 Exercise is known to treat anxiety

 It is a natural and effective treatment; it helps relief stress and tension, boosts mental and physical energy by releasing endorphins. Exercising helps in dealing with anxiety, if you get moving and get in a regular routine it does help however, the level just enhances when you actually concentrate; when you add the mindfulness element to your physical activity, it will not only help you grow and perform better but it will also help you keep away stress of course thoughts which are depressing.

Exercise is known to treat ADHD

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it is a complex brain disorder that is known to impact approximately 11 percent of children and almost 5 percent of adults. Exercising regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight ADHD, it helps to improve concentration power, helps you focus and enhances mood, the physical activities tend to regulate and release certain enzyme in your system which boosts brain activity level immediately which affect the brain focusing capability, so in this way exercising would work and be as effective as medication.

Exercising helps improve sleep cycle

Even as good as a 45min run is good enough to boost your sleep cycle and helps you sleep better. There is a number of stretching and relaxing exercises which help you sleep as most adults are known to suffer from being sleep deprived or lack regular sleep cycle.

Exercise helps fight depression

Exercise helps to fight moderate depression, exercising is a powerful  depression fighter for several reasons, it promotes brain health including neural growth, reducing inflammation and helps in setting new brain activity pattern and enhances its performance. It helps in releasing endorphins which are powerful chemicals that help in energizing the brain and in turn helps you feel good about yourself. A study has revealed that running or brisk walking for 15 mins in a day reduces the chances of depression by 25 percent. Exercising also helps you keep your mind off of negativity and thoughts which aren’t good for your mental health and helps you come out of the depressing cycle.

Exercise helps in building stronger resilience

When you are down with emotional and mental changes in your life, exercise is your healthier escape route. Instead of getting involved in bad habits like drinking, smoking or drugs you might as well take out your frustration doing something productive and say goodbye to negativity forever.

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