Edge grooming range brings you an explicit collection of grooming essentials, for an out of the world grooming experience. We know how important personal grooming is and how it plays an important role in enhancing ones personality; they say first impression is the best impression and thus grooming marks as the first step to achieving excellence. Grooming also adds confidence and gives you that extra edge of confidence which helps you stand out in the crowd.

Let’s check out what all do we have in the Edge Grooming Range:


The Shower Gel from Edge range gives you an amazing bathing experience it is known to leave the skin clean, soft and supple. It is suited for all skin types. It contains active foam boosters which produce rich and dense lather which will give you a smooth finish feeling in your skin and the combination of mixed mild surfactants leaves the skin clean and soft


Oh you wouldn’t want to miss on this one.  The hair gel is known for superior humidity resistant wet styling and much more, all you need is that quirky dash of creativity and you are good to go, it is a non-sticky gel for long lasting hold and smooth texture, it is blessed with Glycerin & panthenol which adds shine, nourishes and detangles the hair, just perfect for an office outing or a date, it also contains wheat protein which helps to moisturize and improves hair manageability, luster, and smoothness

 And it’s known to prevent hair from dryness and damage.


 If you are looking for a smooth on the edge shaving experience we have it sorted for you with the all new Edge shave foam. With Edge Shaving foam feel the difference with your skin feeling smooth and fresh as it is blessed with cedar wood oil for moisturization , it also produces thick foam which gives a great pre and post shaving experience. Although some of the shavings foams are known to leave you’re feeling a stinging sensation but Edge shave foam contains blend of essential oil and steric acid which antipyretic and analgesic agents to relief itches and burns.


You should wash your face at least twice a day with Edge face wash as it will help you keep your skin dirt and oil free. Edge Face wash helps is known to help remove impurities and leaves your face feeling hydrated, it also helps remove excess oil and maintain natural moisture of the skin it is enriched with Rice and jojoba beads and provides gentle exfoliation, smooth and gives you a fresh feel.


 For an amazing after shave experience use the Edge aftershave lotion for a soothing after shave experience. It is enriched with base notes of labdanum and marine for a fresh and energized aftershave look also with a blend of essential oil it helps protect your skin from irritation or burns and the fragrant aromatic kick of amber mixed with marine notes for a distinct edge, it is known to leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized.


When you are done with all the key essential process of grooming all you need now is that signature scent which will give you that dash of confidence, that’s when Edge perfume and deodorant comes into the picture, whiff in the perfume and deodorant and you are ready to take over the world, it has rich no woody and aromatic notes mixed with notes of artemisia, patchouli, and labdanum complements the man who’s dynamic and lives life on the edge.

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