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Yoga was created by men but somehow it is predominately seen as a women activity. It is a tendency for most men to compare a heavy workout session at the gym with weights to yoga. They however tend to ignore the benefits of yoga; yoga is known to be excellent for increasing muscle flexibility and strength because in case of yoga your own body weight is used as resistance. Yoga helps in increasing flexibility, helps in balancing, loosens joints, and also helps in stretching which in turn helps in muscle toning.

 Yoga not only has physical benefits but also helps you mentally; it helps you to control stress and increase body metabolism as it has controlled breathing techniques and method control movements. In case you have had a tedious day at work or had a rough argument which got you stressed yoga will help you stabilize. Yoga helps you focus and take your mind off of your problems for a while.

Yoga is also practiced by many known athletes who believe that it increases agility and overall performance.

Men have the tendency to target a few muscles which they work on in the gym like glutes, abdomen, and shoulders and these muscles can only be trained to a certain extend with weight lifting or heavy squats and repetitive movements, it affects certain muscles so when continued for a long time, the muscles become stagnant and the growth is limited. Yoga helps to build muscles by making the muscles more flexible which improves blood flow and makes the muscles more accessible to oxygen which accelerates growth. It is therefore advised to mix your gym training with yoga movements for better results.

 Yoga also helps improve balancing and breathing, breathing movements in turn helps necessary flow of oxygen which helps improve overall performance by increasing your stamina. 

Yoga helps you to relax and calms your mind down. In this hustle bustle battle of life where each day we need to watch out so that our stress level doesn’t reach heights, it is very important that you engage in yoga that will help you relax and destress. The days when you cannot head to the gym, you can engage in yoga movement and breathing as this will help you stay active regardless. Also, Yoga helps in recovery of muscles so you can perform better the next day.

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