7 Ways To Impress Her Dad This Father’s Day

Sample this!

After a really long taxing day, it is finally the time to video chat with her. You’ve waited for 18 long hours for this, after all.  And then just when you are about to see each other, she disconnects the phone. You are taken aback. 30 minutes later she pings you -“Sorry woh papa aa gaye the! ” (Papa just barged in! )

We are sure this isn’t a stand -alone case. “Dad allow nahi karenge!” ( Dad won’t allow!), Dad nahi manenge ( Dad won’t agree!)  Papa mana karenge ( Dad would say no!) You probably must have been hearing these often! 

Now tell us honestly, if you had to prepare a long list of hurdles in your relationship, who’ll be at the top? Most likely it’ll be her daddy dearest. But don’t fret, bro. Father’s Day is the time when you can actually extend the olive branch and transform this foe to a friend.

If you are thinking when is Father’s Day? Is Father’s Day a public holiday? Is Father’s Day always on Sunday?  And why impress her dad? Let us answer these questions for you. The Father’s Day 2020 date is 21st June. Most countries celebrate this day on June’s third Sunday. We are sure you must be planning special Father’s day activities for your dad. But we suggest you do something special for her dad too. And don’t just settle down for any father’s day gift or a father’s day card, we’ll advise you to go that extra mile, do something even bigger, better and special.

Before we give you that point by point prescription , watch the video below and see what Ranbir did here to befriend her dad.

Now coming back to our discussion about getting in good books of your lady love’s hero- her Dad. Sorry, deal with it, for most girls,dads are indeed their first heroes. They share a special bond.Then one day all of a sudden you enter their princess’ life. You to her dad , might be an absolute stranger, he knows nothing about! For all you know, in her dad’s head, you might be that typical Bollywood villain and  your score might already be in the negatives. Hence it is only fair that you play your best game and win the man’s heart.

So what to do?

The list is not long but it’s sure to work its magic. Read on! 

  1. Make a first impression that lasts: It might sound unsettling but you already might have a bad impression. Relax it’s not your fault. It’s because to a father, no man is good enough for his daughter. But look at the silver lining here – you have nothing to lose but a world to gain. Be it the first phone call, first dinner or the first video call, give it your best. Get a haircut, trim the beard, bathe and look fresh. Speak with confidence but please don’t over do anything. Being a well-groomed man with manners will go a long way in making a lasting impression.
  1. Try Active Listening – Remember your soft skill training at work? Active listening is the key to create a rapport and trust us, you need that rapport. You might need him on your side when you would like to catch a late night movie with your girl or go on a dinner date. Listen to him when he talks about his interests – cricket, politics, technology or maybe even the weather. If you can cross-refer what he has told you and slip in a few ‘As you were saying the other day’ casually in conversations, you might have a chance to be rewarded handsomely.
  1. Gifts Work – Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because men too love gifts. In fact, who doesn’t? Gifts are there to let people know that they are admired and appreciated. It also makes a statement about your personality. So take Father’s Day gifts very seriously. You can shop Father’s Day gifts online It will not only please him but also create an impression of you as a well-groomed gentleman. It’s okay, you can thank us later for giving you this tip.
  1. No PDA – No. Not even a little. Not even sometimes. Not ever in front of her dad. Public display of affection towards ‘Papa Ki Pari’ (Dad’s angel) in front of Papa is strongly not recommended. Do you think men trust other men, especially when it comes to their daughters? Would you yourself do it? We suggest you take all the intimacy with your girlfriend far -far away from the father if you are to maintain a healthy relationship with him.

5. Show Off your CV a bit – It’s old fashioned but can work. Though fathers these days want their daughters’ partners to have a lot more than just a fat pay cheque, but a five star resume can be a cherry on the cake. Obviously you won’t be mailing your updated CV with current CTC details but it won’t hurt to drop a line, here and there, about the kind of work you do or things that matter to you. It will just help him understand you better.

6 . Don’t just impress his dad, get him noticed- Take some clues from Ranbir in the video. He gets his girl friend’s dad’s noticed and scores brownie points. So how about sharing a grooming tip, your fitness secrets and some info about things he cares about.

7. Help her plan a very special father’s day – Help her plan a very special father’s day and don’t forget to do the same for your dad too. Come up with amazing and unique ideas and plan together Father’s Day 2020. Don’t forget to show your appreciation towards her dad. After all, the man deserves some credit for raising such a wonderful daughter.  This will not just help you win her heart but also likely to win his too.

It takes a little effort to get there but when you have managed to befriend the hurdle, it’s all a cake walk. Your relationship with your girlfriend’s father also helps to develop and strengthen your bond with her. You do all this for her and she will surely love you all the more for trying to blend into the family. Worth the work, right? 

P.S: Don’t forget to make this father’s day special for your dad too. He raised a gentleman like you and you must thank him with all your love and respect.

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