6 Ways to Make the Monsoon Season Special

What comes to your mind when we talk about rain? Is it the deep earthy smell of wet soil? Is it the pitter patter of rain? Or are you the one who despises the rain? However, wherever there’s monsoon there’s always emotions attached, be it annoyance of getting late to work or a romantic first date and with such a wide spectrum there’s a lot of things to explore and do to make this season extremely special.

We are here to share the secrets on the best ways to enjoy make your rainy season special:

1. Peaceful Long Drive: A long drive either alone or with your partner is extremely soothing; from listening to music together while chatting all the way brings you closer to one another. A peaceful drive is all one needs to get into the right headspace and be thoughtful about yourself and your partner. To make this experience more refreshing, don’t forget to wear Wild Stone Forest Spice perfume. Its smoky woody fragrance adds another dimension to enhance your mood which makes the long drive more special.

2.Serene cuppa by the balcony: Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. Nothing can cement a relationship better than enjoying each other’s company in silence, with only a cup of hot tea. Listening to droplets crash on the window pane is a pretty serene experience and can make your day relaxing and calming.

3.Romantic candlelit dinner: While the weather gets bleak, a candle light meal is a beautiful way to keep the passion lit with your partner. What better way to organize a fairy-tale candlelit dinner at home by cooking a delicious meal, turning off the lights and lighting up the candles. Taking a hot shower and wearing Wild Stone Ultra Sensual perfume, will instantly set your mood for a perfect date night. Its minty top freshness with a woody charm built an intense fragrance making the date passionate.

4.Take care of yourself on a cozy rainy day: Constant rain can make it hard to go about your usual routines and chores. The humid weather leads to a lot of sweating and discomfort. Whether you feel playful, timid or even reserved it’s important to take the day out for yourself and take care of your body and mind and enjoy the weather to its fullest. This can mean relaxing with a book or chilling in a cozy blanket watching Netflix all day. And just to feel good about yourself Wild Stone Hydra Energy fragrance can do wonders for your mood. It is fresh and light with a note of lavender, juniper berry and musk, revealing the perfect and unique scent to match the season’s feel.

5. Relish street food: Street food really hits the spot when it’s raining outside. Monsoon brings out the essence of street food. When you think of the monsoon, you think of chai & samosas. Sit back and enjoy the decadence of street food on a rainy day to feel relaxed and calm.

6. Play mud football: If you’re an active young individual, you know there is no better feeling than playing sports in the rain. Something about playing football with your friends on a rainy day brings out the inner child within you. Running around barefoot on wet mud is just a moment of an individual being one with nature. After a tiresome day in the mud and the rain, you are definitely going to need a bath and a brilliant companion after a bath is Intense Ocean No gas deothe serene fragrance of the ocean refreshes you and puts your mind at ease. Perfect relaxation after a tiring day.

The Monsoon can get really romantic and peaceful at times and make you feel like there’s love in the air and make you wanna go out and enjoy the rain. However, we understand that it is not always as colourful and amazing as it seems. But we can’t deny the beauty of this natural phenomenon and that is why we have laid down these guidelines because next time it rains, you know what to do!

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